Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh Hi There

I didn't see you come in!

We here at CHARGE SHOT!!! took one look at this big Internet of ours and thought to ourselves, "my, there aren't any twentysomethings writing about how they feel about video games!" It is a pretty big problem. Our aim, therefore, is to offer up not unintelligent viewpoints and opinions on games and gaming culture. Though intellectual musings about video games are becoming more commonplace as the medium grows up - and it is growing up - we'd still like to see more of it. If I never saw a top 10 list again, that would be a good thing.

We are normal people, with jobs and student loans and grocery lists, and like most normal people we can't possibly be expected to keep up with the onslaught of new releases that hits every platform every month of every year. You're just as likely to see us talking about a game from 1998 as one from 2008. Still, we'll do our best to keep things relevant.

My greatest hope is that one day in the future, one of you will come to visit this blog, and will stop for long enough to comment that "what you guys wrote about Mega Man 9 is really gay." And maybe it will be. Maybe it will be.