Monday, December 22, 2008

analyst analysis

So some analyst has said that we should expect a new major Zelda title from Nintendo sometime in 2009. These industry analysts pop up from time to time, deliver an exclamation about game releases or price drops, and then vanish as quickly as they appeared. I'd simply love to know where these people get their information, though - from what I can tell, being an analyst involves pulling some made-up numbers out of your ass every couple of months and laughing as the entire community treats your fiction as Fact.

Let's take this particular proclamation as an example - it just seems unlikely, given Miyamoto and Nintendo's design philosophy. They typically don't like to make sequels at the rate other studios do - they desire to innovate with every release, which can create a sizable gap between releases in a given franchise. 2002's Mario Sunshine wasn't followed up by Mario Galaxy until late 2007. Miyamoto has also expressed concern that the series needs new ideas, which may translate into a delay. It's certainly plausible that a Zelda title could be released to the Wii next year, especially since Nintendo hasn't had a title geared toward the "hardcore" set in awhile. Still, I think we'd do best to ignore these "analysts" and wait for an official announcement - few subscribe to the "when it's ready" release philosophy more firmly than Nintendo, and the thing's going to come out when the company says, not based on the whim of people who make their living inventing falsehoods.