Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coming Soon: Jack Black and Boivin in the 2008 Spike VGAs!

After much soul-searching and consultation with friends and family, I've decided to live-blog the 2008 Spike TV VGAs (that's the Video Game Awards for those of you in the dark). The reason for this comes out of many things but chief among them are a) my keen interest in seeing how video gaming, a debateably geeky and uncool hobby and dare I say "lifestyle", meshes with mainstream pop culture, especially on such a bro-ish channel as Spike, and b) my fascination with Spike TV as a phenomenon to begin with.
For those of you with lives or taste (you're reading a video game blog, no offense) Spike is a cable channel billing itself as the "first network for men", which is just trouble right out the gate. Apparently the masculine ideal according to Spike consists mostly of explosions and women in bikins, two things I approve of wholeheartedly. My conflict, dare I say my beef, with Spike comes out of the natural struggle occuring in the soul of every 20-something college educated male: the age old battle between self-conscious intellecutal activity and our God-given love of violence and boobies. I am most thankful for Spike for providing me with Steven Segal movies at all hours, the revival of Ren & Stimpy (however crappy it may have been), the 007 Days of Christmas, and 30 Seconds of a Hot Chick, which is exactly what it sounds like. It's actually kind of refreshing in this PC day and age that there remains a bastion on my cable box of good old-fahsioned bald-faced chauvenism yet at the same time I'm kind of appalled at all of it. Weird, eh?

The point is, I'm concerned that Spike is acting as the chief mouthpiece of the gaming community, more so even than G4, which is a slightly more sophisticated version of Spike (i.e. there isn't a commerical segment devoted to oggling giggling bimbos in lingerie, though I think Olivia Munn might be my dream girl). I feel like it's progress that video games get their own shows etc. on several major networks but when the two hours or so that the medium gets is going to consist mostly of the industry's bigshots jerking each other off and likely giving Halo a lifetime achievement award (sorry, Rob- I grieve with you), it's hard to seem legit to outsiders.

I'm a big fan of Jack Black, mainly due to his ouevre as half of Tenacious D and his work for schlubby-looking losers everywhere by bedding Kate Winslet in the Holiday (there's hope for me yet!), a very underrated romantic comedy for the holiday season, so that's another part of my motivation, to commune with JB on a spiritual level, though I guess he's just around promoting that genuinely awesome-sounding metal game he's voicing the main character for, so whatever.

Also, I have no idea how to live-blog or whatever, so you're really just going to get timecodes and snide comments about what's happening on screen. It'll be fun.