Tuesday, December 30, 2008

december 2008: month in review

For Charge Shot!!!, December 2008 was equal parts learning experience and success. From the seeds we planted (the warning shot across the Internet's bow and our Blogger default template) we have grown into a small but healthy sapling. With some work, we’ll eventually become a mighty oak! See, in this metaphor, the blog is a tree.

With January 2009 staring us down, we’ve got two things in mind: First, our resolutions, which are to be even more awesome and to lose the winter weight in time for bikini season. Next, we’re going to keep the quality writing coming on a regular basis. Hit the jump for this month’s prime cuts – expect more of this in the coming weeks.

For starters, check this post, in which Rob waxes poetic on the loss of his (brother's) dear Xbox 360. Or, you could look at his two-part postmortem of Looking Glass Studios.

If Rob leaves you cold, try Craig's often disappointing trek through Starcraft. I mean, not that the articles were too disappointing, but that he loses a lot. Um.

He also wrote about Passage, throwing more fodder into the games as art cannon.

If you like the stuff I write for some reason, I started doing sort of a History of Portable Gaming series. I also wrote about the recession. Bummer.

From our erstwhile contributors, check out this, in which Boivin suffers through the VGAs, or this one, in which Gene shows the hell up and pretends there's a reason anyone should own a goddamned Zune.

If none of that appeals, try our interview with Daniel Pemberton, LittleBigPlanet composer extraordinaire. We also do some nice reviews sometimes - I know we don't have an arbitrary score system worked out just yet, but we're working on it. We're thinking we'll just follow the standard rules for gaming journalism - any game whose studio pays for advertising space on the site will get an A++ Game of the Year Award and anything else will receive the F- See Me After Class Award. It keeps things simpler for you and for us.

This is, of course, just a brief list of highlights. If you like what you see, check the archives - there's plenty more where this came from! Remember, if you keep coming back, we'll keep posting stuff. I can't think of a better incentive.