Wednesday, December 17, 2008

no touching

We know we've got some readers - we see you people flitting about, leaving your comments and then going about your day. Well, now CHARGE SHOT!!! is going to directly engage you. Hold on to your hats!

Following today's announcement of Metal Gear Touch and the recent release of I Love Katamari (which some didn't care much for), it would appear that at least a few people are taking the iPhone seriously as a potential gaming platform. So, weigh in! What do you think - can this hipster smartphone with no buttons actually deliver a satisfying gaming experience, or should it stick to ports of old Windows games and Pac Man?

I personally don't love the input - the accelerometer on the iPod Touch I use (I'm testing it! for work!) is a tad tempermental and the touch screen is a little cramped for my giant thumbs, especially if the developer tries to include "buttons" on the screen. However, development time will be short and profits could be huge - even a game that moves only 5,000 copies at $10/copy will net $35,000 under the current 70/30 split between developers and Apple - a game that moves 5,000 copies on the DS or PSP is what most would consider a "flop." In short, we'll probably see more games on the iPhone as time goes on, but I won't like it that much.