Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Arcade Games Will Save Us All or At Least Alec Baldwin

So, if you've been paying attention to the "blogosphere" as the kids call it these days, you might have run across some recent news concerning everybody's favorite "talking like this contest" contestant, Alec Baldwin. The story has popped up on both game sites like Kotaku and some of the other trashier gossip blogs I hate to admit that I read (no hyperlink for you!), making it something of a crossover pop culture phenomenon I guess and therefore worthy of a brief mention on our own humble VG blog.

The story goes that Alec Baldwin, during the days of his Reagan-era alcoholism would leave those sweet L.A. parties that you always hear about and go and sober up by playing Galaga. His experiences in the wee small hours of the morning making an ass of himself in an arcade reeking of booze and sweating up a storm made him come to realize his addiction and led to him joining a support group.

This story of a Hollywood big shot getting the proverbial monkey off his back is inspirational and all, but more importantly it brings up another point: video arcades need to come back in style ASAP; lives depend on this.

Here's the original story over at the New York Post (which you can read 24 hours a day!).