Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Colonial Marines in the pipe, five by five

Note: I cooked up a tremendously funny picture involving Michael Caine for this brief, but Blogger is drooling on itself in a corner and can't be bothered to upload my .png. Until then, dear reader, languish.

Sega has reaffirmed that Aliens: Colonial Marines, developed by Gearbox Software, is still alive and scheduled for a Q1 2009 release. I can now stop cleaning my rifle.

The last game set in the Aliens universe was Monolith’s outstanding Aliens Versus Predator 2 – everything since, including the two wretched AVP movies, has been a disappointment. When Sega announced a squad-based FPS immersed in the franchise’s fertile Colonial Marines lore, I almost soiled my breeches. That Gearbox helmed the project only fanned my ecstasy – proud parents of the Brothers in Arms series, they’re one of the few studios to really get first-person tactical combat right.

Sega’s announcement purges nasty rumors of cancellation that badly needed to go away. As I hint above, it restores a certain peace to my mind. GamesRadar has some tantalizing info regarding the gameplay mechanics, storyline and settings. Colonial Marines promises to advance the franchise rather than appropriate and adulterate it like this embarrassment. Who knows, we may yet see an Alien 4.*

*If you attempt to correct me by saying Alien 5, don’t. I stopped cleaning my rifle, but by no means did I put it away.