Tuesday, January 6, 2009

FTC to ask if DRM is GOB (good or bad)

GamePolitics recently caught wind of an upcoming Federal Trade Commission panel on the topic of DRM and consumer protection.

The FTC is currently recruiting panelists for a town hall meeting on the matter to be held in Seattle and the University of Washington School of Law. We've touched on DRM issues before here at Charge Shot!!!, suffice to say we don't really like it. Not that that makes us a minority or anything.

Leave it to EA to release a game with a big enough profile that its draconian limitations annoy a whole lot of people. I'm sure that if Spore hadn't come out, the biggest DRM issue we'd be arguing about is why I can't play my iTunes-purchased songs on Audiosurf without having to burn them to a CD first. So I'd like to take the time to personally thank EA for galvanizing their detractors and warranting attention at the federal level.

In their article, GamePolitics also points to a comment site where you can submit thoughts and research to the panel before it meets in March. If I was more of a techhead or law nerd I might post something, but as it stands I'd probably just write "DRM iz 4 noobz. EA sux!" Someone do us all a favor and say something intelligent.