Tuesday, January 20, 2009

help wanted: really, we want your help

this is a sign no one has seen since september, right? hahaha i just made myself sad We here at Charge Shot!!! keep up with gaming news, even though we could never post about all of it because, come on, we’re only a few dudes, and we’re busy guys. So we’re looking for someone from The Internet to augment our in-house talent.

We’re looking for a Briefs Editor. Applicants will have a passion for games, and will ideally follow one or more major gaming news sites or blogs pretty closely. We can’t pay you (sorry, we aren’t making money either), but you will have a team of dedicated editors shopping the blog around and advertising as aggressively as their schedules and budgets allow - that means exposure for you! You’ll get to know some people who enjoy games just as much as you do, and are also pretty nice guys if I do say so myself!

Interested parties should send 2-3 writing samples to editors@charge-shot.com. These samples would ideally follow the general format we have established in our month and a half of existence – 200-350 words, commenting on a current event in gaming news without simply aping the source of said news. Gamers of all persuasions are invited to apply by January 31st – we look forward to reading your submissions!