Friday, January 23, 2009

the nerve

here is what is wrong with this picture: 1) the guy on the left has a gamecube controller, the guy on the right an n64 controller. what could they be playing? 2) the "tv screen" they're looking at appears to be an apple LCD monitor that they stopped manufacturing three or four years ago. good luck hooking your cube64 up to that. 3) those beers have blank labels. are we also to assume that they're making and bottling their own hooch? What the hell. What the hell.

Some stupid study says that since I partake in Computer Games, I’m more likely to be a surly antisocial alcoholic who ignores his family and friends. What. The. Hell.

I mean, who are these people anyway? My mom? If I wanted my mom to tell me to stop playing video games, I would start talking to her again. These people are obviously quacks, and no one should ever listen to them or any of their friends no matter what they say. Come on. Come on.

I need a belt of scotch after reading something like this, don’t you? Whiskey will do, in a pinch.