Friday, January 9, 2009

south of the border, down mexico way

The Latin American parts of America (referring not to the USA, but everything named after this dude) have always been sort of crazy - remember the Sega Master System? Of course you don't! Well, it (and portable versions thereof) were really big in Central and South America. It's a different market, and one not typically included in the Big Three's USA-Japan-Europe business strategy. Enter the Zeebo, designed by Tectoy for that sometimes neglected part of the gaming world.

It's a console specifically targeted toward emerging markets - no flashy HD graphics or input device gimmicks here. It's a device with an interesting strategy, and one that (in time of recession) could find its niche even here in the States - indeed, some of its ideas may be used by Consoles of the Future. It connects to a 3G network and its games are all to be downloadable to flash memory, meant to eschew boxed games. The hardware isn't really powerful enough to drive the AAA games we're used to, but the Playstation 4 or Xbox 720(?) could easily use the Internet in a similar way to deliver Gears of War 6 or Gran Turismo HD 9 Ultra.

For more detailed info on the console you can check an interview they did with Tectoy's John Rizzo over at Gamasutra.