Monday, January 26, 2009

Tag As: Games as Art

We Three Editors often joke about “Games as Art,” the breezy, pseudo-intellectual, quasi-pretentious tag that we slap on any post that attempts to discuss videogames in a postured, post-graduate way. Writing about Braid? Games as art. A left-of-center RTS? Games as art! We recognize the tag as potentially undermining the point – if games are art, why should they pose as art? – but for clerical purposes, it remains.

Gamasutra, a beacon of good, intelligent feature writing in a sea awash with tit jokes and reheated news, serves up an eggheaded consideration of videogames’ position in the continuum of Art History.

At Charge Shot!!!, every article begins with the basic assumption that games are art, and deserve to be treated as such. It’s our founding faith. But Gamasutra’s Ian Bogost gives it a good thinking-through. He proposes a lot, and at first glance, manages to back it up pretty well. Check it out, and expect a reaction piece in due time.