Saturday, February 28, 2009

february 2009: month in review

february is also a pretty month Lord, it’s finally over. February is probably the worst month of the winter – November and December have holidays going for them, and in January you are distracted by adopting and then quickly giving up resolutions. March is the thaw. February, though… It’s enough to strangle a man’s soul, leaving him a freezing husk of his former self.

If February was a little trying for us personally, it was still a good month for Charge Shot!!!. I feel like the third month is the one we needed to get through to prove that we were serious, and we passed it without breaking our stride. People contributed some pretty good stuff, we had some new ideas, traffic is up. If you are one of those newer visitors, by all means, hit the jump to see what you’ve missed.

If pressed I’d probably say that Craig had the most prolific month of all of us, writing a pile of briefs and starting a new type of post called the “Midnight Snack” – small, freely obtainable games which have interesting ideas and are great to kill some time with in the wee hours. He continued his Audiosurf Radio posts, he won one in his ongoing quest to rack up ten Starcraft victories, he appealed in vain to Square Enix to make Final Fantasy XIII a good game. Good luck with that one. He also wrote a very thoughtful post on Jason Rohrer’s Between, one of my favorite posts so far.

Contrary to what I thought, Rob did spend part of February doing something other that write about motherfucking plane games – he opened with a post about how hollow Fallout 3 left him feeling, and also about being a dick in Left 4 Dead. And who could forget the commentary-through-plagiarism that was his GunFace 6 review? The rest of the time it was all planes, though.

Perhaps in response to this, I felt it necessary to come down on the other side of the plane game debate. I also went RPG crazy this month, talking about how much I like Chrono Trigger, and then sidling up to Dragon Quest and humping vigorously. I also returned to my undergraduate stomping grounds in a post about the mythology of God of War, then did a post on game consoles pulling double shifts as media players, and then just this very morning wrote about ways to waste money on a gaming PC.

Our contributors, bless their hearts, continue their elusive streak. Gene showed up briefly and then left as quickly as he came - see his response to Ian Bogost’s proceduralism article and his piece on an adorable flash game powered by the Unity Web Player. Boivin posted about the Islam is the Light baby and was then devoured alive by schoolwork. At least we know they think about us sometimes?

No new interviews this month, though we do have a couple in the pipe for March. We did launch a shiny new podcast, which you really ought to check out. We also all of us wrote about things that shame us. As always, if you’re new to the site it may behoove you to look at past months in review for some light reading.

Thanks for your continued support, everyone! Every hit, comment, email, feed subscription and ad click puts that much more wind in our proverbial sails – we hope to be entertaining even more of you by the time March’s month-in-review rolls around.