Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Midnight Snack: Super Stacker 2

They're so worried!!! If you’ve ever been over to Kongregate, you know its a browser-based gaming community similar to YoYoGames or Armor Games. As is often the case in these communities, users can upload their own games – which means there’s often a lot of crap. But where there’s a lot of crap, there’s often a diamond in the rough. Or at least a shiny bauble.

Enter Super Stacker 2 (found here). It’s a delightful puzzle game not unlike Tumbledrop.

“Why is it delightful?” I can almost hear you asking. Take a look at the worried faces above! Isn’t their terror cute?

Your goal, in each of forty levels, is to arrange the anthropomorphized geometric shapes so that they stack safely for ten seconds. The order of blocks in each level is predetermined, which makes figuring out correct placement all the more important. After ripping through the forty levels (as I’m sure you puzzle fiends are wont to do), there’s a handful of speed runs and a level editor. Not too shabby.

Will you get frustrated on Level 21? Probably. Will you care to finish all forty levels? I don’t know. But I’ll bet you find joy both in success (the primal pleasure of puzzle-solving) and failure (the shocked looks on their faces as you let the shapes tumble to their doom). I hope you’ll strive for the former?