Friday, February 27, 2009

pod shot: now we have a podcast!

we're pod shooting all over the place here We know you all love reading the stuff we write. You think it’s great! You can’t get enough! You’re reading this right now, aren’t you? Well, don’t I have some good news for you! Now, in addition to reading the stuff we write, you can also listen to the things we say.

We here at Charge Shot!!! are pleased to announce Pod Shot!!!, a new, slightly disgustingly-named podcast featuring all of us talking about games for some twenty minutes over Skype. We then edit the recording, tack on some game music and bleep out the more offensive cusses, all for the benefit of you, the listener.

This week, Pod Shot!!! takes on the economy – how does it effect you, and how does it effect the industry? That summarizes it pretty succinctly, though we also hate on some stuff we don’t like and laugh at each others’ opening-night jitters. We make a lot of noise about people emailing us to suggest different names for this thing, but don’t you dare listen – we’re Pod Shot!!! now, and we’ll be Pod Shot!!! forever.

Currently, the only way to access us is through our barebones RSS feed (courtesy RSSPect and Feedburner) which I have linked several times. You can also find it over in our right sidebar, tucked away between our search box and the archived posts. We’ll be looking into iTunes linkage and other things as we learn the ropes. There’s no set schedule for now – this sort of thing is going to happen when it happens – but we’d love to hear your feedback, if you have any. Hit us at, leave us a comment here, reply to us on Twitter, whatever you want. We promise we’ll read it, no matter how caustic or hate filled.

Oh yeah, and this week our intro music is the theme from Mega Man 3. I promise I’ll give the music more page time when we’re not also trying to introduce the podcast.