Thursday, February 26, 2009

using all twelve of the months

look at them all Not all is madness in the game industry of late, it would seem.

EA’s Glen Schofield gazed around himself in wonder. “My goodness,” he said sleepily, “look at all of these months! There must be eleven, nay, twelve of them in a year, one always following after another.”

He looked at November and December. “Sure are a lot of games here,” he noted, kicking at a mountainous pile of them. “Too many, maybe. I can’t pick up all of them because I don’t have enough hands.” He looked at his hands disdainfully. This was not the first time they had disappointed him. “Isn’t there anything to be done!?”

He then turned and looked at the other months, March and July and all the rest. They grinned at him expectantly. “People can’t just have money in November and December,” Glen mused. “They must have money in all of these months.” The months stared at him wide-eyed, watching the cogs in his brain churn to life after years of apparent inactivity. “If I spread these games out across all of the months, people might be able to pick more of them up no matter how few hands they have!”

They’ve finally started figuring it out, people – this could be the beginning of something grand. May God have mercy on our souls.