Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gyllenhaal is Farsi for "Time-Travelling Studmuffin Warrior"

There was never much "Persian" about Prince of Persia, but casting Swedish/Jewish studmuffin Gyllenhaal as an alleged prince of present-day Iran may be a bit much. He's about as ethnic as a slice of Wonder Bread, even with the greasy hairdo and tanning-booth pigment job.

Pop media need not kiss the feet of its source material - see the 2004 masterpiece Troy - come on. America is engaged in two wars in the rough vicinity of Persia, and when most Americans can't tell the difference between Arabia and Persia, Arabic from Farsi, Shiite from Sunni Islam, blending the Middle East into one sugary oriental milkshake is damn near irresponsible.

But goddamn, check out the pecs on that beast.