Thursday, April 30, 2009

march 2009: month in review

this one time i was watching wrestling, and this midget leprechaun was running around the ring and doing silly things to another wrestler who got SO MAD that he threw a fake metal trash can at the midget leprechaun and knocked him out. i was like, WHAT.Winter loosened its icy grip, and Charge Shot!!! continued unabated.

Note the careful use of the past tense above – yes, I was too lazy to do one of these at the end of March, but if you missed it you probably could have written it yourselves without too much trouble: [month] was another [adjective] one for Charge Shot!!!. We [past tense verb] some [adjective] [plural noun], and [past tense verb] our [adverb] [present participle] audience to no end! It’s like a Mad Lib and a grammar lesson all rolled up into one.

So how’d we do?

Craig, as always, continued his excellent Audiosurf Radio posts and delivered more than a few Midnight Snacks, but you knew that already. What you might not remember is his post about an ultimate gaming reality TV show which is probably going to be up for cancellation soon,  his musings on the wonderfulness of Quake Live, and the puzzle that is Musaic Box. In case you can’t tell, Craig is the one who brings a touch of class to the place.

Rob started his March the way he starts most days, by totally dissing Halo. He also turned in one or two pieces about being an indecorous penis in online gaming arenas. Then, he wrote about Team Fortress 2 wannabe Battlefield Heroes, about his love for Dead Space and the cues it takes from System Shock 2, and the Battlestar Galactica mod he has always wanted. And who could forget his and my first steps into the weird, wonderful world of Resident Evil 5?! Since we wrote about thirty-seven posts on the damn thing and just wrapped it up a couple weeks ago, I am sure that you certainly couldn’t.

Meanwhile, I rambled about not being able to finish games, being scammed out of my hard-earned dollars, how World of Goo takes on our outwardly friendly overlords at Google, about how I don’t think we need to pay $60 for new games, and I finished up my Potent Portables series that everyone had to that point forgotten about. Also, I blew off Patapon 2 well in advance.

Dear Boivin was able to drop in briefly and whine about snipers, before turning in a Street Fighter movie review that may well be the funniest thing we’ve ever posted. After that he disappeared, like so much dust scattered to the wind. At least he posts more often than Gene.

March was also the month we welcomed one Christopher Gibbs into our midst – he kicked things off with the blistering criticism of Your Game Sucks, and may very well be the Anti-Fanboy foretold in Revelations. In between blasts of red-hot hatred, he talked about the uncanny valley and some old game he likes that no one has ever heard of. He fits right in!

We had an interview with Iji creator Daniel Remar. We wrote some briefs. We churned out some fun podcasts (yes these are coming back very soon). The amount of content we had generated at the end of our fourth complete month was impressive, and we kept it up in April, which you will hear about soon. In the meantime, check other month in review posts for more past highlights, and feel free to keep coming back every single day for the rest of forever. Really.