Saturday, March 14, 2009

Midnight Snack: Bloody Fun Day

That adorable little reaper in the center is you! Or me...or...You get the picture!Let me just tell you that I tried to write this a few times.  Each time, I would open Bloody Fun Day to refresh my memory before composing.  Thirty minutes later, I’d realize I spent my allotted writing time just playing the damn game.  That’s a good sign.

Bloody Fun Day, from the people at urbansquall, provides yet another take on a recurring theme here on Midnight Snack: the plight of cute things.  In fact, it’s subtitle reads “A Game About Killing Cute Things.”  You play as the reaper, charged with killing red “cuties” to stay alive.  Killing the other colors of cuties charges up one of the six special abilities.  That’s a lot of cuties to chop.  Suffice to say these things pop like balloons when you cut them down.

In Bloody Fun Day, you will immediately be reminded of games like Collapse and various bar touchscreen games that involve the elimination of like-colored blocks.  This game mixes it up – replacing the usual time with a turn-based system, giving the player an avatar, and creating a perpetually filling hexagonal map.  When cuties shuffle off this mortal coil, they are replaced by eggs, which take a certain number of turns to hatch again.  This interval between hatches increases as the game goes in, making it more difficult to reap the valuable red cuties needed to stay alive. Thus, picking and choosing the right target is paramount.  As is accumulating a sick high score.

Like many of the better browser games out there, Bloody Fun Day provides a new spin on a classic game type.  Kongregate boasts high scores and a handful of achievements, and the Unlimited Mode challenges you to reap for as long as possible.  I also tip my hat to the inspired special abilities.  They’re perfectly balanced and help spice up the game play.  Oh yeah, and Tim Wendorf’s graphics are great.  Slaughtering cute things was never this fun.