Thursday, March 26, 2009

pod shot: casual gaming and soccer moms

i love a woman with a high wpm What can I say about this, our fifth Pod Shot!!!? I can say that it required the most editing of any we’ve done so far – Craig got dropped from our call at one point, and the Diversion Train kept making stops at every station even tangentially related to the topic at hand. Even as is, we give a shout out to Mavis Beacon and gossip about Bristol Palin’s recent breakup. Surely, this is the first step in our journey from gaming blog to gossip rag.

After editing, though, we did a pretty good job, and the whole affair wraps up in about half an hour. Rob, Craig and myself are once again your humble hosts, and we invite you to listen to our scattershot ruminations about browser games, the stellar performance of PopCap Games and the Nintendo Wii, and our distaste for the term “hardcore,” which in my professional estimation is an adjective best applied only to luge and pornography.

Our theme this week is the tried-and-true Fever music from Dr. Mario, a puzzle game almost but not quite as ubiquitous as Tetris. We enjoy it, so will you.

As always, get your Pod Shot!!! from the feed or from iTunes – whatever feels right.