Thursday, March 5, 2009

pod shot: we continue to have a podcast

nanu nanu Did it escape your notice that we have a podcast now? I would say “that’s okay, we know you’re busy, we understand,” but we don’t understand. Why won’t you listen to us? We’ve got cute nerds, we’ve got big words, and we have tangential conversations about Mork from Ork.

Those are the active ingredients in any podcast, right?

This week, Craig, Rob and I take on silent protagonists in games – why are they there, what do they do, and why aren’t they going away? We also talk about some protagonists who we wish were silent – feel free to comment or email with any others, because we almost certainly missed most of them.

Our lead-in theme this week is “Time Circuits,” the Zeal Palace/12,000 B.C. music from Square’s SNES opus Chrono Trigger, a game for which we have figurative boners. It’s an upbeat and pleasant companion piece to the sad, beautiful “Schala’s Theme,” which I like more but doesn’t quite set the mood for a jaunty, dorky podcast about Gordon Freeman.