Monday, March 2, 2009

Square Enix Cuts a Deal with Steam, Continues Global Takeover

Let's just hope they don't squish us... Valve email blasted the gaming industry last week, inundating everyone with news of their recent agreement with Square Enix.

The Last Remnant, a game that came out on 360 last year and has since been played by about 10 people, will be the first Square Enix release via Steam (the demo’s available now).  For those of you who don’t keep RPGs on your radar, it's their take on the Unreal Engine and a further indicator of their attempts to take over the world.

You see, The Last Remnant received a simultaneous worldwide release.  It didn’t come out in Japan, suffer through localization only to receive bonus features, and then see rerelease in Japan with said bonus features (a la Final Fantasy XII).  With The Last Remnant, Square revealed their intentions to swallow up the world all at once, instead of continent by continent.  But it’s not like we didn’t know that already.

Steam should aid Square in their attempts to continue simultaneous global releases, assuming their glacial development pace can keep up with the demands of the digital download world.  Also, Square’s recent bid on Eidos means they should start reaping the benefits of Steam’s Eidos game package and the Tomb Raider series.  In an ideal world, we’d also see a few classics released, as well as some titles the US and PAL fans may have missed.  I’m not holding my breath, however.

Congratulations, Square Enix.  You’ve just become a level 50 Corporate Megapower.