Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Colossus Coming to the Silver Screen, DON’T RUIN THIS

Featuring Dwayne The Rock Johnson as Colossi 1, 5, and 11. I can’t believe it.  1UP (and many others) are reporting via Variety that Sony Pictures has gotten the ball rolling on a film adaptation of Team ICO’s now-legendary Shadow of the Colossus

While a director has yet to be named, the creative team currently consists of Kevin Misher (a producer with The Scorpion King on his resume) and Justin Marks.  Who is Justin Marks, you ask?  The screenwriter behind Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li, or The Video Game Movie Even Boivin Didn’t Like

This causes me much dismay.  Terrible screenwriter aside, I worry that what made Colossus so memorable will not translate well to the cinema.  The stark environment and overall design aeshetic created feelings of intense loneliness experienced directly by the player.  There were no towns of NPCs.  Only the Colossi, your targets.  This created an empathy between the player and his enemies that went beyond pure visual appreciation.  And I think that if the movie succeeds anywhere, it will be in the visuals. 

I worry that this story cannot be told without gameplay.  If you want a film about man versus his environment, go watch Cast Away or check out The Road when it finally comes out. 

All that said, John Young over at Entertainment Weekly had a pretty good idea for director: Guillermo Del Toro.  Sure, he’s churned out more Hellboy movies than anyone thought we needed (you know, two), but his work on Pan’s Labyrinth gives me hope that he could at least make a Colossus worth watching.  Furthermore, the recent Where The Wild Things Are trailer makes me believe that movies I never thought could be made might turn out okay, if not wonderful.