Thursday, April 2, 2009

Crytek: OnLive? We already tried it. Didn't work.

Leave it to German developers and industry pacesetters Crytek to poop on OnLive's parade. For those who missed the excitement, OnLive is promising "cloud gaming" that would allow gamers to stream high-end games like Crysis to their TVs. The number-crunching would be done remotely.

Universal excitement spread like a brushfire - though too soon to tell, the mere prospect of OnLive's success had people spitting prophetic phrases like "game-changer" and "revolutionary."

Now, Crytek is saying it's already barked up this tree. Their prediction? The internet won't be ready for data-streaming of OnLive's proposed magnitude until 2013. Anyone with half a brain will notice that this date is a convenient few days after the Mayan apocalypse.

Nice try, Crytek. Before I enter the new age, I'm sucking Crysis through a broadband cable.