Thursday, April 30, 2009

marginalia: 4.30.09

funny headlines ahoy

The Washington Post ran an article on new business models in gaming. Flashbang, 2D Boy, and others weigh in.

All those Scrabble and Mafia games on Facebook have started quite a buzz.

We're not the only ones having trouble hitting it off with the Bionic Commando demo.

An iPhone title moves 700,000 copies. I know some AAA titles that would kill to have numbers like that.

A 5.1 percent dip in Q4 didn't stop Ubisoft from reporting 14 percent overall growth for FY08. Ghost Recon 4, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Call of Juarez 2 and HAWX: Gay Volleyball hint at another strong year for the French developer/publisher.

No no god no.

Homosexuality doesn't exist in the world of Star Wars? I suppose its easy to believe, in a sterile galaxy where no one ever bleeds or uses the bathroom or has sex.

More talking about labels, specifically that old "casual vs. hardcore" chestnut.