Thursday, April 9, 2009

Midday Snack: Civiballs

Though I'm still not sure why it's there, the ancient civilization theme looks good and gives Civiballs a unique vibe. Sure, the title’s a little goofy, but there are plenty of less enjoyable ways to spend a lunch break than playing some Civiballs (Everybody Loves Raymond on the TBS Break Room comes to mind).

Civiballs falls into’s strategy category, though I would just as soon call it a puzzler.  It’s a cutesy, Flash descendant of physics-based puzzlers like The Incredible Machine and Armadillo Run.  Without all the annoying building.

Your goal: get the nerdy looking balls into their color-coordinated urns.  Gameplay revolves around most of the balls hanging from chains that can be cut with a click of the mouse.  Success depends on determining which chains to cut in what order, and timing cuts when chains are swinging.  There are some thirty levels, which can take from ten seconds to five minutes depending your puzzle-solving skill.

I do have a few questions about Civiballs.  Why the ancient civilization theme?  Why do Greece, China, and Egypt have identical sets of urns strewn about their respective lands?  And why must nerdy-looking green, red, and yellow balls be strung about with chains?  These (ridiculous) questions aside, Civiballs offers the same feelings of satisfaction/frustration that keep us coming back to physics-based puzzlers.  Enjoy.