Tuesday, April 14, 2009

shoddy american manufacturing

The Pope is Catholic. The sky is blue. The Xbox 360 suffers from numerous technical issues. These, my friends, are cold hard facts.

Microsoft has again extended its warranty to cover its ass, this time to cover gamers affected by the nebulous "E74" error that Joystiq started reporting on a month or so ago. They claim that the same issues that causes the E74 also cause the infamous Red Ring of Death - even if this isn't entirely true, and I suspect it may not be, it's good spin on Microsoft's part. To lump this mysterious new error in with something for which the gaming community has largely forgiven you is a sound strategy and nips in the bud the any new resentment it might have caused.

Spin or not, it's hard to argue with free warranty extension - everyone, go get your shit fixed!