Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sony is Terrible at April Fool’s Jokes

So the Playstation 2’s price dropped to $99.99 at the beginning of April, bringing joy to the lives of the six people who didn’t already own one. I’m not going to lie, here: I waited for a while to write this because I was almost certain it was an April Fool’s joke. I mean, seriously, dropping the price of the PS2? Awesome. Maybe next we can get a discount on Final Fantasy VII. I hear that’s still the hot item of the summer.

The real kicker here is that Sony steadfastly refuses to lower the price of its newest system to a reasonable price. I mean, the Playstation 3 costs Neo Geo money, despite being about as culturally relevant as, well, a Neo Geo (and having about ten fewer noteworthy games). Maybe instead of pandering to grandmothers and parents who don’t know any better, Sony could focus on catering to those of us who actually play video games. Their stubbornness and stupidity in this matter has caused the PS3 to fall woefully behind in the console war already, and in this turbulent economy such an attitude could be a death knell.

But hey, at least it has Blu-ray…everyone loves Blu-ray, right?