Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wait wait wait...There's MORE Mega Man Rap?

So apparently, a year before Brando and Duane took over my YouTube viewing habits with this little number, Philly rapper Random fused the Blue Bomber with hip-hop on his 2007 record Mega Ran. ran a story on him last year and just now ran an interview with Random regarding his new, Capcom-sanctioned-and-bankrolled sequel Mega Ran 9.

I don't know what I like more: that the first single off Mega Ran 9 is a love song to Splash Woman or that he's working on another videogame album called Forever Famicom that's already been picked up by a label in Japan.

Random's doesn't take it super seriously, despite being asked to perform at this year's Comic-Con. He's quick to point out that "[he] went from listening to Mega Man MP3s online to traveling the country. Anything can happen."

If only all non-nerdy rappers could be so humble.

P.S. Grow Up may be my favorite song of his and can be found on the original Mega Ran.