Friday, May 15, 2009

april 2009: month in review

remember? fun times! Look at me, getting caught up on my month-in-review posts! We know you guys have short attention spans and that if we don’t remind you of what just happened then you’ll forget and none of us are interested in that now are we!

As the picture to the right will so casually remind you, Charge Shot!!!’s April started off not with a bang, but a whinny. That pastel pink monstrosity still stands for all to see who care to, but we also did a hell of a lot of writing about video games. Continue on for the highlights!

Stalwart Craig kicked us off in true liberal arts fashion, with a Shakespearean-flavored look at Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble. He kept us in the loop about his journey toward ten wins in Starcraft, had the fortitude to both play and write about Blitz: The League, and found the free time to get deep into the recesses of Odin Sphere. And, of course, no month would be complete without its handful of Audiosurf Radio posts, each more techno-weary than the last.

Meanwhile, Rob and I continued our trek through Resident Evil 5 throughout the month. I think we left a piece of ourselves behind, in the jungles and plains of some racist version of Africa.

In between doing that, Rob wrote about Tom Clancy’s Endwar, Freespace 2, and the Red Faction: Gorilla Guerilla demo. I wrote about the And Yet it Moves demo, which blossomed into a regular feature called Demo Monday. Also, I pulled something out of my ass about shotguns, got mad about bandwidth caps and discussed the intricacies of game canon.

Our guest writers also bothered to show up for work a couple times, unshaven, their dark sunglasses masking bloodshot eyes. Gibbs did a piece on Sweet Home, a Resident Evil predecessor of sorts, and an argument for Mario as one of the first heroes of survival horror. Boivin dropped in to talk about the Mortal Kombat movie, and then fell off the face of the earth. The life of a post-finals college senior must truly be busy.

We also posted an interview with the creators of the excellent Dyson, and sort-of-replaced our Briefs at the end of the month with a news round-up in the form of Marginalia. As a part-time small-town video game blog, we can’t hope to cover all the news, but we can at least sort it out from all the posts about Mario wallpaper and cakes.

As always, the best way to leaf through our growing back-catalogue is to check out previous month-in-review posts. Thanks for dropping by! We hope you never leave, never ever.