Saturday, May 23, 2009

Marginalia: 5.23.09

Jonathan Coulton himself will be in on the RiffTrax treatment of Tron. Bonus points if you know who Jonathan Coulton is, what Rifftrax is, and why Tron ever was.

A new Call of Duty 4: 2 trailer is imminent.

The Metroid Prime trilogy is coming to the Wii on one disc with updated controls and visuals. It's almost enough to make you want one of Nintendo's money-printers...

2k Marin spills about the next Bioshock title, which we are increasingly excited about.

The Koreans are making it so I can roll up Internet tubes? Sweet!

LucasFilm is making a new game? Is Lucidity a codename for Full Throttle 2?

Bill Clinton was asked to voice Fallout 3's president. The possibilities strike me dumb.