Monday, May 11, 2009

marginalia 5.11.09

lolz Joystiq: Jerry Bruckheimer relinquished some footage of that Donnie Darko kid as the Prince of Persia.

Gamespot: Sony hopes inFamous will continue the work of perpetually breathing new life into the PS3.  The programming lead Bruce Oberg thinks his game is pretty bitchin'.

Indiegames: Apparently you can earn money on Newgrounds now?

Destructoid: I'm not sure what surprises me more - that Duke Nukem Forever actually existed, or that it looked kind of fun.

Destructoid: Jim Sterling pontificates on blogging and videogame journalism. Read; yawn.

Gamasutra: Why are we futzing with DRM, again?

Gamasutra: They’re making Thief 4. It would be ironic if they locked this stuff down with tons of DRM.

Check out the first in-game footage of Modern Warfare 2.