Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Marginalia: 5.12.09

Joystiq: These... these monstrosities are not words.

Destructoid talks to Christopher Hunt about Pandemic's upcoming open-world WWII shooter, The Saboteur.

Joystiq: Will I be able to get PSN on my GPS, or my digital watch?

Destructoid: Check out June's Game Informer for the dish on Modern Warfare 2 - or scour the 10,000 gaming blogs bound to regurgitate the story. Go ahead, contribute to the death of print media.

Gamasutra looks at the Xbox Live Arcade's April 2009 data and says some things. It looks like poor Flock! is not doing as well as it should be...

Destructoid: I know far too many people who will buy this.

Reuters: Jerry Bruckheimer has a gaming company.  He recently hired two big wigs formerly of Microsoft and Ubisoft.  I think he plans on taking over the world.

The Tribune-Democrat: Chip Minemyer (great name!) seems to think Guitar Hero’s plastic instruments are making kids even more interested in real instruments.  I hope he’s right!

Sexyvideogameland: Are we losing something in our haste to eliminate cut scenes?  Maybe.