Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Marginalia 5.13.09

Kombo: Square-Enix doesn't want you making any fan tributes to Chrono Trigger, okay? Seriously. They mean business.

Gamasutra: Some creditors are pissed about how the fall of Midway was handled.

Wall Street Journal: Microsoft plans to launch their own suped-up EyeToy. I dare say it won't be more popular than the EyeToy.

: Dan Hsu takes off the kid gloves for an interview with Nintendo's Denise Kaigler. And she fires right back. Feisty!

Joystiq: People who play Team Fortress 2 on the PC, you're getting more updates. People who play it on any other platform? Screw you.

Destructoid: God bless you, Mega 64.

Joystiq: Former PopCap game development VP jumps ship to Now she can watch Craig lose at Starcraft!

Destructoid: Microsoft has big plans for Zune; three people and Gene care.

Joystiq: Want to use id Software's new engine in your game? Better ask real nice.

Gamasutra: Gamasutra takes a look at complex and inaccessible games, using space-sim X3 as a case study.