Friday, May 15, 2009

Marginalia: 5.15.09

I'd rather buy a Virtual Boy. via Destructoid: Call of Duty 7 is in production. Throw-up is in my mouth.

via Joystiq: Wolfenstein 3D, AKA "that old FPS that looks like a Windows 95-era screensaver," is probably coming to Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network. Let's hope the hardware can keep up.

via Destructoid: Esoteric teaser sites are all the rage these days, though it makes sense for an espionage game: introducing Splinter Cell: Conviction.

via GamePolitics: New York wants to tax people for eating junk food and playing video games. Everyone's kicking the fat kid today, I guess.

via Gamasutra: Who was it, exactly, who said we were recession-proof in this industry?

via Gamasutra: Take Two is suing Duke Nukem Forever rights-holder Apogee Software for breach of contract. C'mon, guys - you couldn't read between the lines of "Forever?"

via 1Up: Exec. Director Casey Hudson says Mass Effect 2 will “reveal the most brutal parts of the Mass Effect universe.”  Does that mean more two-hour load screens?

via 1Up: Nippon Ichi just announced a slew of American releases for later this year.  Two of them are for the PS2!

via CrunchGear: Own a Wii?  Like Tony Hawk Games?  Well then you’ll need an over-sized balance board shaped like a skateboard!  (PS How the hell am I supposed to do an Indy on one of these things?)