Monday, May 18, 2009

marginalia 5.18.09

i'd love to sit on a whopping couch Konami: Do you like Metal Gear?  Then you probably like teaser sites, too.

Chicago Tribune: A small town in Iowa wants to build a Video Game Hall of Fame.  Sounds fine to me, so long as Waluigi doesn't make it in.

1up: Word on the street is that people liked Uncharted.  I also heard on the street that people might enjoy the sequel.

Destructoid: CryEngine: now with less supercomputer!

Gamasutra: A green FPS? I hope Al Gore is an unlockable character.

Joystiq: Everything old is new again – Quake Live is getting six new maps.

Gamasutra: Examining the dialect of Dragon Quest IV’s English localization. I liked the localization a lot, but I know lots of people who didn’t…