Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Marginalia: 5.19.09

That's f'n creepy. 1up: Bethesda’s Sean Brennan recently spoke up about an impending Bethesda release for the Wii. It would be “churlish to ignore that space,” he said. Nice use of churlish, dude!

Gamasutra: Just Cause dev Avalanche lays off employees. Why? Just 'cause.

Crispy Gamer: Ever wondered about the small time starts of big time developers?

Destructoid: The king is dead. Long live the king, baby.

Destructoid: DICE's Team Fortress 2 won't be heading to consoles. What's that? It's called Battlefield: Heroes? My b.

Joystiq: Want free press coverage for your stupid game? Turns out all you have to do is develop it for Dreamcast.

Gamasutra: Sony's in trooooublllllle. How they could regain some of what they lost.

Tom’s Guide: Sam Walton's here to mistreat his underpaid workers and sell used games, and he's all out of underpaid workers!