Thursday, May 21, 2009

marginalia 5.21.09


Joystiq: EA wants to take risks on the Wii. You know what that means – riskiest Madden ever!

Gamasutra: The Terminator wants to uphold an (unconstitutional) California law restricting sales of M-rated games to minors.

Joystiq: THQ sent a gold-plated Wii to the Queen of England – if only they’d put as much effort into their games.

1up: Kat Bailey's been grinding through Valkyria Chronicles.  Good to know there's an RPG worth playing on the PS3.

Greenpixels: Need a good gateway game (aka a way to trick non-gaming friends into hanging out with you)?  Look no further than Rock Band 2.

Gamasutra: Despite record Q1 profits, Gamestop is bracing for decline, Gamasutra reports. Bracing how - by Scrooge McDuck-ing their way through swimming pools of gold?

Destructoid: Get yer free Team Fortress 2.