Monday, May 25, 2009

marginalia 5.25.09: we don’t even get memorial day off edition

not that kind of balls! New York Times: Seth Schiesel thinks we should all give Free Realms a try.

Touch Arcade: Ian Bogost (yeah, that "Videogames Are Art if you'll just listen to me" guy) developed a meditation game that is one part historical artifact, two parts sounds-interesting-for-99-cents.

Destructoid: Prime suspect: Male. Age 23. Brown hair, brown eyes. Equipped with "COVERED IN BEES" plasmid.

Cheapskates rejoice! You can get a metric shitload of 2K games, including Charge Shot!!! favorite Bioshock, for a measly $10 until the 31st of May.

Joystiq: Someone made a controller for Katamari Damacy that is just a ball.

Hey! Stop. Check out the full-length trailer for Modern Warfare 2 right now.