Thursday, May 28, 2009

marginalia 5.28.09

lol Cnet: We already have warring DJ-game peripherals?

Web Pro News: Blockbuster is going to war with GameFly.  Their test market?  Cleveland.

CNN: Of course when CNN deigns to discuss games, it's about current-event-inspired Flash games like Hero of the Hudson and Made Off.

Joystiq: Are there seriously people who are still interested in purchasing these ancient, silly relics?

Joystiq: Someone’s writing a goddamn Bioshock book. Get your wallet ready, Rob.

Destructoid: Rumor has it Valve is set to announce Left 4 Dead 2 at E3. Maybe this one will have enough content to justify its price tag.

Destructoid: Destructoid says Activision's E3 lineup "impresses." Aside from Modern Warfare 2, I'm rather meh. I can't wait for DJ Hero to be no fun at all.

Gamasutra: Brandon Sheffield interviews Titmouse Games, the folks who brought us Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I imagine where this will go, and I shudder.