Friday, May 29, 2009

Marginalia: 5.29.09

Forget SimEarth.  Try SimKiss! Gamasutra: Japan takes a giant cultural step forward by NOT allowing the sale of rape simulation games.

Destructoid: Dante's Inferno plans to send us to voice-acting hell. Resident Evil 5, you are relieved.

Destructoid: Rumor: DSi will be able to download Gameboy and GBA titles. Next stop, Metroid 2.

Joystiq: The unthinkable has happened! A non-Japanese game is selling sort of okay in Japan!

Joystiq: Ubisoft crap is selling well, but that doesn't mean they're making much money in the deal.

Joystiq: I've never even heard of this game, but at this point even the faintest sign of a good traditional game on the Wii makes me happy.

Gamasutra: Should games make us uncomfortable?  Sam Gilbert says yes.

GameDaily: Apparently people can’t wait to get their hands on Sims 3.

MTV: Do your ill rhymes fall on deaf ears as your friends pluck away on plastic instruments?  Take a look at Def Jam Rapstar.  Oh wait, no details yet?  Tease!