Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Marginalia: 5.5.09

Sexy Tudors!!! More evidence that Apple is falling in with that no good gaming crowd.

Peter Moore does some more talking, this time about downloadable stuff. And sports games. He loves him some sports games.

Fitty has a case of sequel-itis!

The formula to make Showtime's lurid quasi-history The Tudors into a videogame: minus sex. We're laughing, too.

The folks behind Dead Space get their own studio name. Every once in a while, EA throws a bone to its more loyal hounds.

Stand by for statistics related to the number of iPhones destroyed in fits of rage.

Forbes takes a look at the dissemination of development to smaller houses, thus the sluggish stocks for EA and Activision/Blizzard.

GamePolitics covered (with video) an anti-war protest at the Army Experience Center in Philadelpha.  It’s basically a hi-tech recruitment center that employs various simulators (and Xboxes, I think) to entice would be recruits.  Seven were arrested for failing to disperse, but the rally was otherwise completely peaceful.