Friday, May 8, 2009

Marginalia: 5.8.09

What are you gonna do now Nintendo?

Gamasutra: Now that Nintendo has conquered the world, where does it go?

Wired: Geekdad Chuck Lawton isn’t satisfied with old school games on Virtual Console, et al.  Why?   They look too good.

Destructoid: 2K Games is bringing on Digital Extremes to develop multiplayer for Bioshock 2.  Um…what?

World Politics Review: The Army continues to explore videogames as tools for recruitment and training.  That’s fine, I just don’t want to see popup Army ads while I try to play Bloons.

Gamasutra: How do you solve a problem like Hellgate: London?  Leigh Alexander asks.

Joystiq: My old Pokemans - let me show you them.

Joystiq: Microsoft buys a studio I don't think anyone has ever heard of - seems sort of unfair to do that after laying off a substantial percentage of your workforce but hey, I'm not a businessman.

Gamasutra: Capcom's doing well, and you can blame Resident Evil 5. We blame Resident Evil 5  for most everything.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and some more on the boarding up of 3D realms.