Sunday, May 10, 2009

Marginalia: Mother's Day!

She's a Working Mom!  She's also a Working-Out Mom!  200 reps a day with that baby. Kotaku: Chris Morgan, the boor bastard tasked with making a Gears of War film compelling, has named his pick for Marcus Fenix - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Um, has anyone else seen Doom?

Gamasutra: Like fungus, lack of sunlight and utter shit drive Capcom's growth.

Gamasutra: Industry gurus Gamasutra offer their take on the Nintendo "slowdown."

GamePolitics: A woman arrested for her participation in a Philadelphia protest of America's Army shares her story.

Crispy Gamer: Kyle Orland takes on video game blogs.  Are they really as bad as everyone says they are?  (We hope not.)

Joystiq: Yet another studio emerges from the ashes of Ensemble’s funeral pyre.  Expect iPhone games.