Monday, May 25, 2009

The Playstation 3: An Exemplar in Doing It Wrong


The Playstation 2 outsold the Playstation 3 in April and a large portion of May, finally  proving that for all intents and purposes, Sony is fucking up on a monumental scale. To lose against an older version of your own machine is embarrassing on a level that can only be topped by getting your pants pulled down in the middle of co-ed gym class and realizing that not only are you not wearing underwear, but you’ve been inexplicably transformed into a woman.

Way to pants your system, Sony!

I’m going to elaborate, simply because this bears elaboration. For the PS3 to get beaten by the PS2 in 2009 means that their current generation system is less effective at selling games than the previous system. Y’know, the one that was released in 2000. I will concede that this phenomenon might have something to do with the PS2’s recent price drop but still, come on. There are zygotes who’ve grown to eight-year-olds – children who are oblivious of the PS2’s existence – who prefer the Playstation 2 to the Playstation 3. The mere concept of another system is more enticing than Sony’s newest offering. Plus, it’s older. The cougar of video game systems is beating out the sexy cheerleader.

By God, this is a hilarious time to be alive.