Tuesday, June 2, 2009

E3 2009: Wait wait wait…Now there’s a new Zelda, too?

Can you tell I’ve been scouring the nets for new E3 news most of today?

Word on the street (or on the roundtable, as reported by 1UP) is that Miyamoto’s let slip about a new Zelda in the works.  It will be the first Wii-specific Zelda and should make us of the upcoming Wii MotionPlus peripheral.  Wii owners can start writing their $80 dollar check to Miyamoto now.

Obviously, no details on how it will play.  Miyamoto said he wanted to fit the announcement into an already stuffed Press Conference, but his team convinced him otherwise.  Seems like they actually want to have a solid core concept down before they show anything.  Good call.  Teasers are nice, but demos bearing the “The finished product will probably look nothing like this” disclaimer are just frustrating. 

In general, first party software news from Nintendo tends to pan out well (after titles finally see the light of day).  Twilight Princess was received fairly well, but it seemed held back in its “Am I a GameCube or Wii Game?” Identity Crisis.  Designing controls and dungeons specifically for this machine should prevent that from happening again.  Also, this news should finally placate all those Zelda fanboys who went bonkers thinking Spirit Tracks would be the only new Zelda this hardware cycle.