Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Marginalia 6.10.09: Andrew Loves Marginalia Edition

Gamasutra: A bit about Spacewar, that great-grandfather of video games.

Gamasutra: A nice bit about how the enemies in Left 4 Dead work together, instead of aimlessly rushing you a la Doom. I thought everyone was too busy bitching about the sequel to be playing the first game.

Joystiq: Xbox Live will be down all day on the 16th - it was as if a million foulmouthed twelve-year-olds cried out and were suddenly silenced.

Joystiq: I typically don't hold with analysts, but this guy is exactly right - the PSP Go! should be priced to move, not more expensive than a goddamn iPhone.

Joystiq: John Koller is tired of those damn internets stealing Sony's thunder - apparently if they want to release more cheaper-to-make-but-more-

expensive-to-purchase game consoles, they'd like to break the news to us in person.

Joystiq: A talk with the creator of Tetris. I know there were some car trips in the early 90s I never would have survived if not for him.

1UP: Nintendo experimented with Natal-like technology but opted instead for the accelerometer. If Microsoft's goofy camera pans out, Iwata may end up kicking himself.

1UP: Creepy indie FP-something Zeno Clash may be headed for Live Arcade.

GameDaily: Some game-related lawsuits were settled: the NFL Players Association is shelling out money to retirees and some of the Midway nonsense has been figured out.

Destructoid: A study concludes gamers sleep less than nongamers. Two reasons to view this article: one, we can never get enough of inconclusive psychobabble; two, there's a picture of a sleeping puppy.

Destructoid: Obviously, Splinter Cell: Conviction is going to have multiplayer, and this in and of itself is unremarkable - but remember the incredible multiplayer in Pandora Tomorrow? If Conviction serves up anything similar, we're in for a treat.