Monday, June 1, 2009

Marginalia 6.1.09

Fans of Monkey Island, rejoice: you're about to have a very full plate.

One of the many things Halo doesn't need: a prequel. Guess what Halo may get?

Crysis 2 will reportedly be coming to all platforms - guys, this means it has to actually be able to run well on at least one platform.

If you like mildly entertaining Lego games, then you'll love this news! Word on the street is that Equus Daniel Radcliffe is an unlockable character.

Nintendo's making a new Wii Mario, and a new Wii Fit, which promises even milder, less effective "exercise" than the last version. And the Mario game is probably Super Mario Shuffleboard Strikers Plus.

Further doubt that the BioShock movie will ever get made - which, in the end, is probably good news.

Perhaps more transparency in the industry would help nurture talented young developers.