Thursday, June 11, 2009

marginalia 6.11.09: rob is a dick edition

those damn damn deer Destructoid: Gearbox's open-world shooter Borderlands got some air at E3. Check out Destructoid's impressions.

Destructoid: Reggie says Team Ninja's new Metroid game is 'traditional' Metroid - i.e., the path not taken with 2002's Metroid Prime.

Gamasutra: Daniel Johnson on how Portal deconstructs notions of institution and individuality. I think.

CO-OP: The most recent episode of CO-OP has, among other things, some extended footage of upcoming XBLA title Shadow Complex.  Is anyone else as excited about this game (given that it's an Arcade title) as I am?

1UP: So Microsoft did an extended Natal demo on Jimmy Fallon's show.  Questionable outlet choice aside, it's interesting to see the device in action - warts and all.

GameDaily: Of course a Sony exec would say that retailers are "excited" about selling the retail-software-less PSP Go.  Sell a third-place company's handheld with no possibility for in-store software sales?  What retailer wouldn't jump at that opportunity?

Joystiq: The fact that anyone needed to comment on this has caused me to breed “hilarious” and “ridiculous” into the more compact ridicularious.