Monday, June 15, 2009

marginalia 6.15.09: nothing out of the ordinary edition

those vagina-friendly liberals are tearing this nation apart Destructoid: Molyneux, new king of Microsoft Europe (ed: can we refer to him as Archduke Peter Molyneux from now on?), wants to help Rare "find its identity." This reminds me of that time when I was five and that bald man wanted me to find the bicycle in the back of his van.

Destructoid: Oh, look who's getting all reactionary now that someone's hedging in on his scam.

Gamasutra: Did we really need an analyst to tell us that Modern Warfare 2 will be 2009's biggest title?

GameSetWatch:  Someone thinks they can use WoW to educate "at-risk" students.  It sounds silly, but a few of the lessons aren't much more ridiculous than your typical "If Train A leaves Wichita going X mph..." problem.

Crispy Gamer:  A look at how word of mouth brought Scribblenauts to the forefront at E3.

What They Play: Steven Spielberg talks gaming, directing, and breaking into game development.  Suck that, Ebert, an Oscar-winner likes making games.

Joystiq: New Super Mario Bros. Wii will be first to make use of Nintendo’s “easy button” functionality we reported on waaaay back in January. Yes, part of me has a problem with this, but the other part of me has played Lego Star Wars with my girlfriend and wishes that they had invented it years ago.

Gamasutra: Yeah, things are bad, but Gamasutra wants to harsh the industry’s buzz and find out just how bad. Thanks for bumming us out, Captain Bringdown.